Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita catches Adi spying on Raman, Mrs. Bhalla tears ...

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita catches Adi spying on Raman, Mrs. Bhalla tears Shagun’s invite

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ruhi(Aditi Bhatia) and Raman(Karan Patel) discussing about their project at the breakfast table while Adi(Abhishek Verma) is troubled watching them, he feels Raman is actually trying to compete with him and he decides to try harder and fight back. Raman casually asks Adi about his work but Adi refrains from saying anything. Ishita asks them all to have food on the table. Raman hands over his file and bag to Neelu asking her to give it to the driver as he has to rush after breakfast. Adi gets Taneja’s call who informs him about a new investor and also asks him to try harder to make their project a success and also find out about Raman’s promotional plan so that their own product remains unaffected. Adi remembers Raman sending his file away with the driver and rushes out without breakfast. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) sees his phone forgotten on the table and rushes out following him to give it to him. The driver meets Adi at the door itself as he has returned to get the car keys. Adi asks him to handover the file to him while the driver can go and get the keys. Adi starts browsing through the pages but Ishita walks up behind him and takes him by surprise. She hands him the phone and tells him that he should have just asked his father and he would have happily handed over the file to him. Adi walks away saying she misunderstood him and Ishita is left wondering why Adi cannot simply talk to his father openly. Ishita sits thinking about this when Aliya(Krishna Mukherjee) enters discussing about the birthday party plans for Mr. Bhalla(Kaushal Kapoor). Aliya notices a lost Ishita and asks her what the matter is, Ishita shares her concern about Adi with her and Aliya assures her that if anything is actually not right she herself will speak to Adi. Ishita says she is proud of her. Aliya informs Shagun(Anita Hassanandani) about the party and says she is doing the preparations. Shagun asks her to be careful and not get scolded again, she also says Bhalla house is not that happy a place as it looks, but Aliya stops her and says she is happy here and she wants both her families to be happy. She makes Shagun promise her that she will not make any troubles at the party, Shagun promises her that. Roshni(Vidisha Srivastava) asks Mr. Iyer(Abhay Bharagava) what he is going to gift Mr. Bhalla for his birthday. Mr. Iyer angrily states that he is no more friends with Mr. Bhalla. Roshni, Mrs Iyer (Neena Kulkarni) and Mrs. Bhalla(Shahnaz Rizwan) try to get it out of Mr. Iyer and he finally tells them that someone told him that Mr. Bhalla was bribing the secretary. Roshni suggest they should go and speak to the secretary for the first hand information rather than trusting an outsider. They reach the secretary’s house and find Mr. Bhalla there this aggravates the situation. Later the secretary shows Mr. Iyer the envelope that Mr. Bhalla had given him, it turns out to be the tender details for the quotation that Ishita had prepared. Mr. Iyer realises his mistake and calms down but again they stick on to point that their individual persons should get the tender. Roshni suggests an idea and says that probably the persons can work a partnership so that both of them have work. This turns acceptable to them and peace prevails. Raman returns home while Ishita and Aliya see the invite for the birthday party. Ishita shows them to Raman as Aliya gets a call and walks away. Raman sees Shagun’s name on one invite and gets irritated. He says it is not necessary to call Shagun as she would just create problems and feed Aliya’s mind with poison too. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer too support Raman’s opinion but Ishita tries to make them understand that it is important for Aliya. She tells Aliya she would courier the card but as Aliya goes off for some other work Mrs. Bhalla takes the cards and tells Ishita she would courier them. Ishita goes off to speak to Raman. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer tear off Shagun’s card. Ishita speaks to Raman who is now worried of Adi, he tells Ishita that Adi does not speak to him properly. Ishita wonders if Raman found out that Adi was sneaking into his file.

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Read News Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita catches Adi spying on Raman, Mrs. Bhalla tears Shagun’s invite

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