Dipika and Jyotsna emotional adieu on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka

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Dipika and Jyotsna emotional adieu on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka

Dipika Kakar and Jyotsna Chandola have been extremely close friends all through their successful stint in the Colors show Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions).
Yesterday, it was indeed a very emotional moment for the close friends, with Dipika packing her bags and calling it a day, with respect to enacting the role of Simar in the daily.
The heart-break moment for Jyotsna came when she was asked to report at another set, early in the morning. So this only meant that she could not spend her last day with Dipika on the set of the show that has given them this friendship.But Jyotsna made sure that Dipika’s final day was filled with real good memories!!She not only sought help from co-actors Kajol Srivastava and Alan Kapoor to give a warm welcome to Dipika by decorating her room, but also saw to it that Dipika left the set with good number of ‘goodies’!!A source from the set told us, “Alan and Kajol, with Jyotsna’s guidance decorated Dipika’s room with balloons and a heart-warming ‘We will Miss you’ message. Jyotsna had already ensured a huge surprise for Dipika. Dipika started getting gifts all day, which the technician guys used to come and deliver to her. The entire unit saw to it that Dipika received a gift every alternate hour, which really astonished the actress. As the gifts kept pouring in, Dipika remained curious as to who might have sent them. And when Jyotsna reached the set at 9 in the night after her pack-up, there was an emotional outpour. Both Dipika and Jyotsna cried their hearts out, hugging each other. The entire unit put in money and brought cake for Dipika. Shoaib was also there on the set to handle Dipika go through her emotions. The scenes got really emotional at the end of it.”When contacted Jyotsna told us, “It was really emotional and none of us were able to control our tears. Thanks to all the technician dadas, Alan and Kajol, Dipika’s room was decorated nicely even when I was not there. I had to do this for Dipika as we have been very close. Everyone on the set got emotional by night. I have never seen any actress getting so close with technicians on the set. Every one of the technicians was crying yesterday. The hair dresser simply could not control her tears. And it was very emotional for me to see Simar for one last time in her getup. Yes, Dipika and I will be friends forever. But to not see her on the set will be really tough for me.”
What’s more? Finally, when the last set of gift arrived for Dipika in the presence of Jyotsna, Dipika could clearly make out with the wordings written that all the gifts had indeed been sent by Jyotsna.Also, Jyotsna had made a special video of all the artists starting from Mataji, to Uma, Pari, Aryeman wherein they talked about Dipika. When Dipika viewed it, it was again very emotional.The night ended for Dipika and Jyotsna at the former’s house, wherein the two of them ordered food and had a gala time.
Jyotsna averred, “Well, we will surely be friends forever. With whatever I have known Dipika, she is so very different and values relationships. And it is the same for me.”
Aww!! Three cheers to your friendship, Dipika and Jyotsna!!

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