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Naagin 2

Schedule: From 08:00 PM to 08:30 PM (Sat-Sun) on Colors Last Updated: 25 - Jun - 2017
Shesha and Shivanya are Ichchhadhari Naagins, female shape-shifting snakes, who avenge their parent's death. There are 5 murderers: Ankush, Viren, Shailesh, Suri and an unknown person. Shivanya enters into Ankush's house as a maiden and marries Ritik. The story continues with murder of Viren, Suri and then Shailesh by Shivanya. A mongoose man Kabeer and then a peahen woman Mayuri came as the enemies of Naagins. They also get killed by Shivanya. Then it is revealed that Yamini is the 5th murderer and the sister of Ritik's real father Sangram Singh. Then an evil Mahismati kingdom containing bees came to take Naagmani. Due to Yamini's trick, Shesha became vile and supports Mashismati. Ritik and Shivanya protected the Naagmani from them. Finally the Naagmani was saved and Shivji blessed Shivanya and Ritik with a female child, Shivangi.