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Chidiya Ghar

Schedule: From 9.00pm to 9.30pm (Mon-Fri) on Sab-TV Last Updated: 20 - Jul - 2017
Chidiya Ghar is a comedy show which airs on SAB TV. The show follows a Narayan family who live in Varanasi. Each family member has an animal's quality. The name of their house is Chidiya Ghar and the family members names are also similar to any animal. It is produced by Garima Productions. Chidiya Ghar is a show about a family whom are compared as zoo animals.Dedicated to Mrs. Chidya Narayan, Chidya Ghar is a house in who's residents resemble many characteristics of zoo animals. Mrs. Chidya Narayan was married to a principal named Shri Kesari Narayan. The show is about the two sons of Kesari and their wives and other relatives. Each of their names, Gomukh, Ghotak, Mayuri, Koel, Kapi, Gillu, Gaj, Maina, and Tota all have names that sound very similar to animals. The members of the family living in Chidya Ghar behave very much like animals, despite being human. Some of them behave like monkeys and others like elephants and so on. Among other things, Chidya Ghar shows the differences of humans and animals.